Spanish Olympic basketball team

When the Spanish basketball team did it, it was “racist“. Even the Angry Asian Man complained!

But Walter Lohman (see his picture here), ironically Director of the Asian Studies Center for the Heritage Foundation, gets a free pass:

The U.S. must be engaged with China. China is too big to ignore. … But let’s keep our eyes open. At this point in history, and for the foreseeable future, China’s vision is too narrow to leverage the value of “responsible stakeholderhood”.

Probably not intentional, but still very funny.

Shanghai Composite Index, Sep 12th 2008

Shanghai Composite Index, Sep 12th 2008

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index, which covers both A- and B-shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, was soaring less then two years ago.

The graph, however, now tells another story. SSE keeps plummeting along with other asian indexes. Is this the end of the world as we know it?

McCain apparently feels fine despite the caveats: “the fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are very, very difficult times“.

Compared to the Shanghai stock market, yes. But with rising unemployment and record foreclosures rates, Joe Biden had plenty of material to blast McCain.

Foreclosures on the rise

Foreclosures on the rise