Arthur Laffer, the man behind the Laffer Curve, has an interesting logic display on offshore drilling:

Mr. Obama’s team is also prejudiced against offshore drilling and nuclear power. Goodness knows no one wants oil splattered all over our beaches, but if we don’t drill offshore, Indonesia will. Surely our safeguards are better than Indonesia’s. Any trade-off of Indonesian offshore drilling with U.S. offshore drilling is a no-brainer. Offshore drilling would also further the goal of decreasing U.S. reliance on oil from hostile nations without losing the beneficial gains from trade.

The idea of offshore drilling to decrease foreign oil reliance is ludicrous and has been discredited by so many so often, even the Energy Department itself. Nothing new here.

The best, however, was the supposed trade-off with other oil producers. “If we don’t drill offshore, Indonesia will.” But if we do, then Indonesia won’t?