From the foothills, after Gateway Pundit, quotes St Louis Dispatch’s Dwight Billingsly (who refers to Bill Kristol):

Bill Kristol, writing in The Weekly Standard, reminded me that every 16 years we get a Democrat president with no experience in national security or international affairs who’s elected after Republican presidents have made and kept America safe: After Eisenhower, we got Kennedy; after Nixon/Ford, we got Carter; after Reagan/Bush, we got Clinton. And after Bush II, we get Barack Obama.

W Bush made America safe?

Have we forgotten how the Bush administration began by ignoring the Al-Qaeda threat, even after it was brought up in writing by National Security officials?

Counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke’s memo to national security advisor Condoleezza Rice on January 2001 requested an “immediate meeting of the National Security Council’s Principals Committee” to discuss “broad strategies for combating al-Qaeda”.

That was in January. There was no Principals Committee meeting on al-Qaeda until September 4, 2001.