the more they stay the same.

According to the NYT, working groups reviewing national security, economic and energy issues will be headed by:
– James Steinberg, Clinton’s Deputy National Security Advisor,
– Carol Browner, Clinton’s EPA administrator,
– Dan Tarullo, Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State and Deputy Assistant for Economic Policy,
– Susan Rice, Clinton’s National Security Council and Assistant Secretary of State.

Some other names appointed, examined or rumoured to be part of the Obama administration:

National Economic Council: Jacob Lew, Clinton’s Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget.

Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel, Clinton’s Assistant to the President for Political Affairs, then Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy.

White House Staff Secretary: Lisa Brown, former Al Gore’s counsel.

Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff: Ron Klain, former Chief of Staff of Vice President Al Gore.

Chief Counsel: Greg Craig, Clinton’s Assistant to the President and Special Counsel, 1998 (directed the team defending against impeachment)

Attorney General: Eric Holder, Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno.

Secretary of Health and Human Services: former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, in the Senate for 18 years.

Secretary of Treasury: maybe Lawrence Summers again?

Secretary of State: maybe Hillary Clinton?

That’s change you can believe in.