The “60 Minutes” interview with Obama was another loving hand-out from the media. Presidential dog, presidential mother-in-law, college football playoffs. What a waste of time.

But not a complete waste of time though. There was indeed a good moment where a serious question was posed.

Kroft: Where is all the money going to come from to do all of these things? And is there a point where just going to the Treasury Department and printing more of it ceases to be an option?

Obama: Well, look, I think what’s interesting about the time that we’re in right now is that you actually have a consensus among conservative Republican-leaning economists and liberal left-leaning economists. And the consensus is this: that we have to do whatever it takes to get this economy moving again, that we’re gonna have to spend money now to stimulate the economy. And that we shouldn’t worry about the deficit next year or even the year after. That short term, the most important thing is that we avoid a deepening recession.

Of course, there was no follow up.

Full video here or here, transcripts available in CBS website.