Clinton & Obama

Clinton & Obama: together at last?

News media is ablaze with reports that Obama is considering Hillary Clinton, who was in Chicago Thursday in a “private business”, for Secretary of State:

When asked earlier this week if she would take a position in the Obama administration, Clinton said that she was happy being in the U.S. Senate, but said she wants to be “a good partner” to the new president.

Until Thursday, the frontrunners for the position were thought to be John Kerry and Bill Richardson. A third contender would be Chuck Hagel.

Sadly, these are all poor choices. Neither of the three has the international presence that Hillary Clinton does, although Bill Richardson at least has been there (as US Ambassador to the UN). Kerry and Hagel enjoy a fairly good domestic reputation, but nothing that goes beyond the border. Richardson is keeping quiet, which could also mean the deal is closed and he has the position in the bag.

But what does the Secretary of State do anyway? Besides heading the department concerned with foreign affairs and being in charge of all diplomatic efforts, the Secretary is fourth in line to succeed the President (after the VP, Speaker of the House, the temporary President of the Senate).

Oh, and yes, the Secretary of State accepts the notice of the president’s resignation:

Nixon resignation letter, 1974

Nixon resignation letter, 1974