From the Contrarian Chronicles, a good warning for the “mandate-carriers”:

The Democrats might want to be careful now that they have the hot potato, as I believe the economic landscape is liable to be nothing short of disastrous. They may be able to blame a fair amount of it on Bush for a while. But that might be difficult to do four years from now. Thus it’s entirely possible that the pendulum which has now swung in their direction could reverse course.

He also mentions two policies that I believe are extremely important for America’s near future: federal investment in infrastructure projects and nuclear energy. Both are going to create low- and high-end jobs in the immediate time frame, with long lasting consequences for the economy.

It’s about time US takes nuclear energy seriously, stepping out of this provincial approach with coal-dollars induced fear and blissful ignorance. With half of electricity generated by burning coal, and another quarter from natural gas, it’s understandable that Peabody, CONSOL and Arch Coal aren’t going to advertise the positives of nuclear power.

But there are numerous examples of nations using nuclear as their main electricity generator. France actually exports electricity.