This is it.

This is it.

Time to track down what happens around the country.

CNN has been one of the major sources for years, with fast updating and good coverage of presidential election results, including a nice roll-up of exit polls.

Associated Press’ “Big Issue: Election Results” begins streaming starting at 7 p.m. EST through thousands of newspapers and broadcasters.

Google’s “Elections Gallery” is an election tracker in the form of a mashup, with real time results on the state and county level, including those crucial-yet-forgotten Congressional seats up for grabs.

Finally, Yahoo has a nicely improved Dashboard with a lot of information. A few years ago they had issues with updating, hopefully that has been resolved.

The Swing State Project keeps a map of poll closing times. The earliest poll closing times of 7 PM EST are key battleground states: Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky.

Polls closing times

Polls closing times

The United States Elections Project keeps a comprehensive page full with early voting statistics, including some breakdowns by party affiliation, gender and race for some states. Early voters are traditionally older folks. Still, the share of young early voters has been increasing, specially in Florida. An early voting analysis at the WP concludes that

Obama supporters do tend to be voting early more than McCain supporters, which is showing up in the polls and the partisan registration numbers. The other interesting group that is participating at really unprecedented levels are African Americans. If these numbers hold through Election Day, their turnout percentage could exceed that of white voters. The share of African American early voters is running about 8 percentage points greater than in the 2004 electorate.

With so many battleground states in the East Coast, it’s possible we will find out the winner early this evening, way before the closing at Texas or California. If Obama is winning heavily in Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania (McCain cannot win without these three), we could be calling the race sometime between 8 and 9 EST. Paul Friedman from CBS News said

We could know Virginia at 7. We could know Indiana before 8. We could know Florida at 8. We could know Pennsylvania at 8. We could know the whole story of the election with those results. We can’t be in this position of hiding our heads in the sand when the story is obvious.

If you still need information about ballots, where to vote, etc, Google tries to give the answer with a gadget map full of little pieces of information. It doesn’t work very well though. And seriously, if at this point you don’t have your stuff together yet, you shouldn’t be voting anyway.