Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was interviewed by NPR’s Steve Inskeep. He made some good points (“can anyone in fact become a president without the support of either of the two parties here in the United States?”), and said some things that people should listen to:

“People have no other choices here. You only have two choices. In Iran, at least, we have eight. Who is more free? Who has more confidence in its people?”

Unfortunately those few good points will be disregarded as another rambling of an “America hater”.

It doesn’t help either that Ahmadinejad maintains a defensive, evasive posture. For him, every Iranian position is justified by American mistakes and actions from past and present, a constant pairing-up with displays of adlerian inferiority complex in a twisted attempt of self-appeasement. Sadly, not very different than many other underdeveloped nations.