A soccer game in Congo between Socozaki and Nyuki System ended with 13 people dead after riots sparked over allegations one of the goalies was using witchcraft spells to turn tide of game.

A few days before, in Burundi, dozens of villagers armed with clubs, stones and machetes attacked another village after one of theirs died of sickness inflicted through witchcraft. In the revenge raid, four people were murdered.

Close by, in Zimbabwe, four people were convicted for collecting samples of sand from the footprints of a woman, for purposes of witchcraft. As a result, the woman had a miscarriage. During the trial, an expert traditional healer and chairperson for Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association explained that kind of spell is “a very dangerous practice that could cause madness, miscarriages, swelling of legs and abnormal menstruation”.

In South Africa, a young man was killed by his older brothers who suspected he was practicing witchcraft after moving in with a woman widely known as a witch.

Far far away, now in India, another practitioner of the risky business was killed by neighbors. They suspected witchcraft since one of the women in the area has been sick since her marriage.

And when deadly floods hit Papua New Guinea, killing one person, demolishing houses and destroying crops, local villagers attacked an elderly woman accused of causing the floods via witchcraft.

BTW: Socozaki won the game.