Independents. Obviously.

As the Politico pointed out,

Since the GOP convention and his selection of the Alaska governor as his running mate, McCain has changed a months-long tie among independents into a 52 to 37 percent advantage. Support for McCain among self-described “conservative Democrats” has jumped 10 points, to 25 percent, signaling the shift among swing voters to McCain.

By a combination of Palin Effect, strong blows on the Democrat agenda, and persistent talk on their own idea of “Change”, McCain-Palin ticket have been absorbing the independent voters that once gave Obama an edge over Hillary Clinton.

Even when not turning the tide, McCain is closing in many states, like the FYI showed. McCain has taken or expanded the lead in key swing states such as Indiana, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, and closed the gap Minnesota, New Jersey and Washington.

That is a far cry from the times when Obama was wooing European crowds, staying ahead on all polls, the landslide winner.

There are still 50 days for the election, and the Democrats still hold the lead in electoral votes. Obama has signaled a hardening on the campaign to stop the bleeding, a move that some consider a mistake given his popularity and momentum-building as a carrier of hope and new politics, not mud-slinging.

Ich bin ein Berliner

"Ich bin ein Berliner"