My friend at Closer View commented on the American humanitarian aid delivered to Georgia:

In the Georgian town of Pti, Russian troops arrested 22 Georgian uniformed men. After interrogation, the men said that they were supposed to receive humanitarian help from the U.S. ships. As it turns out, their packages included assault weapons, rocket launchers, and plastic explosives. The Georgian soldiers were driving nearly brand new HUMVEE’s, whose odometer showed not even 400 miles. On the windows of the vehicles there were still stickers with “U.S. Property” printed on them.

The official explanation is that the Humvees “were awaiting shipment back to the United States after taking part in earlier U.S.-Georgian military exercises”. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said “these Humvees are U.S. property and should be returned. It’s that simple”.

“We don’t have any assurance at this point that they’re prepared to do the right thing and return them,” Whitman said of Russia’s forces. He declined to specify the exact number of American vehicles in Russia’s possession, calling it “a handful.”

Another report says the vehicles were flown to Moscow:

According to witnesses, five Humvees with the letters USMC — the initials of the US Marine Corps — emblazoned on them were taken by Russian forces. A Russian newspaper said the vehicles contained sophisticated satellite communications gear and they had been flown to Moscow to be examined.