Extreme winter conditions has damaged crops in Central Asia, doubling prices. In Afghanistan, wheat prices in March were 84% higher than just one year before.

Neighbor Kazakhstan, also affected by the harsh weather, has suspended wheat imports, virtually shutting off Tajikistan’s primary supply of grain, and leaving “more than 60% of households in Tajikistan down to only one warm meal a day“.

More than 1.5 million people in Tajikistan, about one-fifth of the population, are threatened by a chronic lack of food, and tens of thousands go entire days without eating anything at all, according to a U.N. report to be issued this week.

But tensions between Tajikistan and Kazakhstan reached a new level today, at the Olympic games. In the ring, light heavyweight Dzhakhon Kurbanov of Tajikistan faced off Yerkebulan Shynaliyev of Kazakhstan. With 17 seconds left in the third round, Kurbanov bit Shynaliyev during a clinch and got disqualified:

Shynaliyev, who angrily showed the blood on his shoulder to the referee, led 12-6 at the time, and Kurbanov had been warned multiple times for shoving and holding his opponent.

some bad blood involved

Kurbanov vs Shynaliyev, a biting fight