Two hunters finally found a body of the famous Bigfoot in the woods of northern Georgia (the one close to Tennessee).

This time, instead of footprint pictures or piles of dung, the intrepid hunters-researchers brought up overwhelming evidence in the form of a corpse in a freezer. Police officer Matthew Whitton and former prison guard Rick Dyer said they will present the evidence at the Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto at noon.

The legendary yet elusive creature measures up to all its expectations: 7’7″, 500 pounds, part human part ape-like. Those convincing features match most descriptions of other worldwide sightings, further reducing if not eliminating any questions over the credibility of the would-be-researchers.

The two also claimed they have seen more individuals in the wild. They refused to divulge the site of their discovery to protect them prying eyes and big game hunters.

By the end of July, Canadian berry-pickers reported another sighting of Bigfoot in Ontario. It’s not certain yet if they are both the same individual, which would bring concerns over border security.