A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies concludes that immigration from poor countries to USA has contributed to CO2 emissions and should be a factor in future environmental policy. On average, immigrants produce less CO2 then native-born Americans, but that is still more than they would if they lived in their original countries.

“The estimated CO2 emissions of the average immigrant in the United States are 18% less than those of the average native-born American. However, immigrants in the United States produce an estimated four times more CO2 in the United States as they would have in their countries of origin.”

What makes the difference is sheer arithmetics: the numbers are huge. The so called “immigrants emissions” are roughly equal to the emissions of Great Britain and Sweden together; that would be ranked in seventh in world CO2 emissions, behind China, the United States, Russia, Japan, India, and Germany.

Meanwhile, a ABC News poll reveals a sad state of affairs: only 33% thought that a rise in the world’s temperatures is caused by “things people do”, down from 41% last year. In fact, only 18% even agree that temperatures are rising, up from 13% last year.

But not all is lost: 18% is still less than 33%, the percentage that believes that “God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years”. We are getting there.