Going where no candidate has gone before, Obama will release the VP pick via text-message. Supporters that sign up will receive an e-mail or text message “the moment Barack makes his decision.”

About two hours after signing up, the response came:

“Welcome to Obama Mobile. You will now be one of the 1st notified when the VP candidate is selected.”


criticized by some, the move is actually very smart. It will add millions of potential voters to Obama’s “get out and vote” list, people that are legally out of the reach of pollsters and hard to get via robocalls.

Although not as effective as door-to-door canvassing (4-5% mobilization instead of 7-9%), text messages are way cheaper ($1.56 instead of $30).

More importantly, text messaging focus on the young crowd, the group where Obama is most favored: 1-out-of-4 Americans under 25 use cell phones as their main telephone; about one in three people between 18 and 29 doesn’t have a landline at all.

This focus on the invisible cellphone users could, according to some, explain the narrow poll lead of 4-6% Obama maintains over McCain accross the nation.  But according to a recently released Pew Research, the cellphone x landline theory doesn’t hold much water.

Then again, what do they know?