Yes, you’ve seen it before: The Sixth Day (2000), starring the Governator. And now it’s for real: the first successful canine cloning has happened. In a move that further decreased home values in the area, the owner sold her home to pay a $50,000 fee to a Korean company and get her beloved dog again. And behold, she saw that it was good.

But that was actually a bargain-basement rate: RNL offered McKinney a discount from the $150,000 it planned to charge for the service, believing her case will be a boon for business. The firm expects to clone up to 100 dogs in the next year.

Of course, the $50K will soon come back in a book-and-movie deal…

As with any good clone, all birth marks are there. What about personality? We might have a chance to study the old nature x nurture question now.

Meanwhile, about 2.1 million dogs were euthanized last year in shelters.